Piloting Trello task management app: A review for academics

In many ways, Trello is like Google Keep or Evernote in terms of its ability to have shareable notes, checklists, and save pictures and reference files. What makes it different was its integration with different online applications like Box, Slack, or Google Drive as well as Agile organization integration. https://trello.com Who might benefit the mostContinue reading “Piloting Trello task management app: A review for academics”

Phoenix Comicon 2017 – Science Panels

I was fortunate enough to take part in two science panels at Phoenix Comicon this year, which are part of the 90+ hours of continuing education credit hours offered to teachers at the conference. It was a great experience. Colonialism and invasive species are explored throughout science fiction, and sci fi became a great entryContinue reading “Phoenix Comicon 2017 – Science Panels”

Blogging the bits and pieces

“For in the seemingly little and insignificant things that accumulate to create a lifetime, the essence of our existence is captured.” James Deetz, In Small Things Forgotten: The Archeology of Early America, 1977, p. 161. As part of my time in Tucson, I have had the privilege to take part in some awesome events, programs, and discussions. TheContinue reading “Blogging the bits and pieces”