Archaeology of the Borderlands

In addition to my teaching at SDSU, I am currently the graduate advisor. If you have questions about what our terminal master’s program can offer you, please visit this website. We are currently accepting students for Fall 2022.

If you’d like to see syllabi of our courses, take a look at the SDSU Syllabus Repository.

ANTH 302Principles of ArchaeologyCore major lab course full of labs and activities centered on archaeological principles
ANTH 349Roots of CivilizationsSurvey course on the rise of domestication and the formation of early states
ANTH 348Historical ArchaeologyExploration on the scope and methods of North American historical archaeology
ANTH 471North American ArchaeologySurvey course on the major theoretical and thematic developments in North American prehistoric and contact period archaeology
ANTH 583Zooarchaeological MethodsLab methods course on non-human osteology and zooarchaeological analysis methods. Get to know your animal bones!
ANTH 602Methods and Theory in ArchaeologyCore graduate core overview of the major theoretical and methodological traditions in North American archaeology
ANTH 583Archaeologies of the Southwestern BorderlandsExploration of the major research developments, Indigenous cultures past and present, and ethical challenges of archaeology in the US Southwest/noroeste of Mexico
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