Skeletal diagrams are a great way to help folks visualize what parts of the animal were actually found at an archaeological site. Over the summer before I left ASM, I had the opportunity to gather and help create skeletal diagrams for the Homol’ovi exhibit at the Arizona State Museum, which opened on December 8, 2017. Half of the skeleton pictures came from the wonderful folks at, and the rest, I made or altered myself using Photoshop and then Illustrator. Here are a few pictures from the exhibit, which was an enormous project to which everyone at the museum contributed. I feel happy to have contributed a very small part. I’m planning on posting a few of them here or on Wikimedia for open access use. I’ve benefited so much from other researchers and artists making diagrams available through Creative Commons copyrights, and I think it’s important to give back. More to come!

For more about Life Along the River: Ancestral Hopi at Homol’ovi visit the ASM website.

Children's activity sheet
Activity sheet created by the museum’s Community Engagement division using my lynx diagram. Yay, interactive!



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