Honest review of Packback: The classroom AI discussion board

Full disclosure: I am not being paid and this review was not requested by Packback.co Scenario: I used the Packback application for a gen-ed class of 100+ students for an in-person class in Fall 2021. I had also had a TA moderating discussion board content weekly. I wanted to provide other educators a short summaryContinue reading “Honest review of Packback: The classroom AI discussion board”

Piloting Trello task management app: A review for academics

In many ways, Trello is like Google Keep or Evernote in terms of its ability to have shareable notes, checklists, and save pictures and reference files. What makes it different was its integration with different online applications like Box, Slack, or Google Drive as well as Agile organization integration. https://trello.com Who might benefit the mostContinue reading “Piloting Trello task management app: A review for academics”

Skeleton pictures!

Skeletal diagrams are a great way to help folks visualize what parts of the animal were actually found at an archaeological site. Over the summer before I left ASM, I had the opportunity to gather and help create skeletal diagrams for the Homol’ovi exhibit at the Arizona State Museum, which opened on December 8, 2017.Continue reading “Skeleton pictures!”

Visit to Los Morteros and sun daggers

Tucson is full of great ways to engage with archaeology, but I don’t always take advantage of it because I am finishing up my dissertation. My friend convinced me to get away from the computer and join her on a autumn equinox tour of Picture Rocks and Los Morteros. Los Morteros was a Hohokam villageContinue reading “Visit to Los Morteros and sun daggers”